CSA Info and Registration

Possible early spring share including carrots, chard, kale and more.

2018 CSA Registration now available. Information and links for registering below.


Community Supported Agriculture is a farming model based on a relationship between the farmer and the patrons of the farm.  Individuals and households can buy a "share" of the farm produce, becoming members or share-holders in the CSA. 

Why have a CSA?  Farming is an inherently risky business.  In our typical food system, farmers bear all the risks of adverse weather and crop failure, while consumers enjoy the perennial summer of the grocery store.  This leaves farmers exposed and at risk, and leaves consumers disconnected from the source of their food, feeling powerless to avert the crisis of the loss of our nation's farmers and farmland. 

With CSA, farmers and the people they feed are in it together. The farmer makes the promise to provide a (typically) weekly box or bag of whatever is in season.  The member or share-holder promises to get their vegetables from that farmer every week, often paying for the entire season's worth of vegetables in advance.  Farmers get added security, a fair price, cash flow at the beginning of the season when they need it most, and a real relationship with their members. 

Share-holders also get many benefits, essentially, they get a family farm!  Not too long ago, most Americans were connected to a farm in their own family, but this is not so anymore.  Share-holders get the highest quality produce available, the satisfaction of supporting a local farm family, a better value for their money, the security of know where their food comes from and how it is produced, and the enjoyment of visiting the farm and having a personal relationship with their farmers.

Want to be sure that CSA is right for you before making the commitment?  This simple test may help you decide.

There are thousands of CSA farms across the country, and they all do it a little differently.  Here's the skinny on Tubby Creek Farm's CSA:

Our 2018 CSA

Our 2018 CSA will be starting April 18th (Wednesday CSA) & April 21st (Saturday CSA)

All the produce in our CSA is grown right here at Tubby Creek Farm and is Certified Naturally Grown.

We will NOT offer a broiler chicken share for 2018.

We will be accepting 100 CSA membership in 2018.  Small shares cost $15.45 per week, and are good for households of two people, or even a sinlge vegetable maniac.  Full shares ($25.75 per week) are ideal for households of two or three, or families with a couple small children.  We offer multiple paying options and discounts. You will find specifics on the registration page.

Our CSA is divided into three seasons, Spring April 18 - May 30, Summer June 6 - August 27 and Fall September 5 - November 14.

Spring Share:  April 18th - May 30th (7 eeks) Full Share $180.25 or Small Share $108.15

Over the course of the spring, you can expect head lettuce, salad mix, spring onions, cabbage, kohlrabi, kale, turnip roots, beets, changing over to potatoes, cabbage, and more. 

Summer Share:  June 6th - August 28th(13 weeks) Full Share $334.75 or Small Share $200.85

Over the course of the summer, you can expect potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, squash, okra, onions, tomatoes, sweet pepper, eggplant, melons, and more.

Fall Share:  September 5th - November 14 (11 weeks) Full Share $283.25 or Small Share $169.95

Over the course of the fall, you can expect cucumbers, squash, okra, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, melons, root vegetables, salad mix, lettuce, various greens, snow and snap peas, cabbage, broccoli, kohlrabi, sweet potatoes, and winter squash.  

Pasture Raised Eggs SOLD OUT for 2018

Members of our 2018 vegetable CSA can choose to add our farm fresh eggs to their shares. Eggs are only available to members who sign up for all three seasons. The number of egg shares are limited.

Egg Shares for 2018: Full Egg Share $150.00 (Approx. dozen a week) or Half Egg Share $75.00 (Approx. a half dozen a week)

Our laying flocks lives on pasture in a mobile chicken coops that we move around so that they always have access to plenty of insects, grass seeds and other snacks. As the number of eggs that our chickens lay varies continuously throughout the year, egg share members will receive a proportion of all the eggs laid in a given week.  There will be extra eggs in spring, and fewer eggs in October and November as the hens start preparing for winter.  We expect that to average out to one dozen per week over the course of the season for Full Egg Share members, and a half dozen per week for Half Egg Share members.         

Pick up

Shares are available for pick up:

Saturdays 8:00am to noon at the Cooper-Young Community Farmers Market at 1000 S. Cooper (Mid-town Memphis) SOLD OUT One or two opennings might be available email randy@tubbycreekfarm.com for more info.

Wednesdays 9:00am to 5:00pm at the University Center 499 University Ave (University of Memphis)

Wednesdays Noon to 5:00PM at Bazaar  88 N Main (Collierville)

Wednesdays 3:30pm to 7pm Cooper-Young Community Association 2298 Young Ave (Mid-town Memphis)

Wednesdays shares are also available for pick up at Tubby Creek Farm in Ashland Mississippi


 2018 Onlie registration form is at this link Anyquestions email Randy, randy@tubbycreekfarm.com