Nematodes to the Rescue?

Carrots Growing in the Field

A week ago today the UPS man came with a small 8-inch Styrofoam cube.  Inside was $60 worth of predatory nematodes, shipped overnight from California.  Randy has not disclosed the cost of the shipping and I think perhaps I had better not ask.  Nematodes are microscopic worms that live in the soil (other species of nematodes live in water).  Some types of nematodes are garden pests, feeding on plant roots, but other kinds are beneficial and feed on insects.

Fall Farm open house

Bonfire is ready!

Farm Open-House and Bonfire Party Directions Added
Join us on Saturday, November 3rd at 4:30 as we celebrate the near-completion of the first year of Tubby Creek Farm!  Kids are welcome, please keep dogs on leash.  BYOB.  Please bring a finger-food item to share.  We light the bonfire at sunset (around 6pm) and party until it burns out.  Feel free to camp out overnight.

Planting Party!

Transplants as far as the eye can see...

Planting Party - We’ve got 550 tomatoes, 400 eggplants, 400 peppers, 200 basils and 50 tomatillos to plant!  Come join us next Sunday, April 8th for a planting BONANZA!  We’ll be planting from first light through early afternoon.  Feel free to come down and camp out Saturday night, we’ve still got plenty of old barn wood for your campfire.  Rain or shine!  If you haven’t been out to the farm

Want to have a bonfire party at our farm?

Want to have a bonfire party at our farm?

So here's the deal.  We've got this old barn that fell down at some unknown point in the past.  Mrs. Wilson got all the good stuff out of it (t-posts and the like) and had someone come for all the scrap metal.  We are left with a big mess that is 95% wood, 5% trash.  Not much of the wood it salvagable due to termites and rot.

We've got the field, we've got the wood.  It's the makings of a pretty good party.

Winter Solstice Bonfire

The days are still growing short, but soon the Winter Solstice will be here!  We will be celebrating the rebirth of the sun in Tubby Creek Farm fashion with a bonfire.  I always look forward to the turning of the year when the days begin to get longer once again.

Please join us on Thursday, December 22nd starting at 3:00 pm, we'll light the bonfire at 5:00 pm and the celebration will go until it goes out so we'll still be going strong if folks working 9-5ers want to come out after work!

Farm Warming Party!

Rookie is Ready to Party!

The Farm Warming Festivities for Tubby Creek Farm! Come on out and see our humble plot of land. There will be farm tours, fun, conversation and a big bonfire!

Saturday October 1st. starting at 4PM

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