Greens, Greens and More Greens!

Red Russian kale in the chill tank

Two of the mustards we grow,a red and a green harvested and in cratesThis week there are a lot of green and leafy things in the shares.  Now is the time to enjoy lots of fresh, crisp salads.  I know that the season for greens can seem to stretch on and on.  Once lettuce falls to the heat, it wont be back until October.  The next couple weeks will likely include lot

Greens & Goats

Goat kids on their own, eating browse

The box this week is just brimming with leaves.  Red and green, sweet and spicy, crunchy and tender.  Afraid you’ll spontaneously transform into a rabbit if you eat any more leafy greens?  Don’t worry, more “real” vegetables are on the way.  Beets are coming soon (hopefully next week!), and more turnips including Scarlet Queen and Purple Tops in addition to more of the white Hakurei you have already seen in your box.  Kohlrabi won’t be far behind and even the cabbages have started turning their leaves inward to make heads.   Last year we had onions, yellow

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