cover crops

Our Halloween weekend at Tubby Creek

planting garlic

So what have we been up to lately?  In addition to keeping you up to date on all our goings on, this blog also serves as a farm journal for myself and Randy, so we have a record of what we did and when.

This is positively the best time of year for working outdoors.  We were really hoping the cover crops seeds would come in before our weekend trip down to the farm, but of course they didn't.  But our soil test results were in the mailbox when we got there!

Sundays are for tactor work

Randy in the sudan grass

Another fall weekend at the farm, with what I expect to be the last of the hot weather.  Hot by October standards, anyway, but still beautiful for working.

This week, we started mowing and disking in our Sourghum-Sudan Grass cover crop.  Although we had seeded cowpeas with the sudan grass, they did very poorly, so essentially we ended up with a straight grass cover crop and not the grass/legume mix we had hoped for. 

Arrival of our home-sweet-home

Hopefully you have seen our pictures of the grand arrival of our mobile home.

Monday morning we took off work and headed out to the farm at our usual 4:00 am departure.  We drove to Byhalia and woke up Pat so that we could pay him for the trailer.  It was dark when we arrived but by the time he had walked me through the trailer to show me all the work he had done and give me lots of details about the electrical system that went in one ear and out the other, it was daylight.

First Four Acres Turned

First Four Acres Disked


It has been brutal hot but this weekend it was cooler. Still 94 degrees, but it felt cooler compared to the 101 degrees earlier in the week.  I had Monday off from my office job so we treated ourselves slept in Sunday and worked on the farm Monday.  I feel like we can really start calling it a farm, the first four acres was disked in earlier in the week.

Our Third Work Day!

Great future spot for veggies.

Sunday we woke up at three so we could be out at the farm by day break.  It was a cool foggy morning which was great for doing work.  There is a fence dividing the front property that we want to clear out so we started in at the task at hand.  There was lots of junk trees, sumac, sweet gum and of course good ole Poison Ivy.  Surprisingly we also found several wild rose bushes we decided to leave in place for now.

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