Community Supported Agriculture

February 2017 Kick Off

Pulling the plastic over our new greenhouseWhile the occasional frosty night reminds us that it is still winter, we are itching for spring.  Good thing spring isn’t quite here yet as we still have a little time to make headway on our Winter Projects list.  Last week on a warm and windless day, we stretched the plastic on the new greenhous

2017 CSA Registration Information

A typical June CSA, carrots,beets, cabbage, onions and eggplant

Special Announcements!

Our 2017 CSA will be starting May 3rd instead of early April. Why? Because we are expecting. Josephine’s due date is March 28. We decided to push our start date to the first week in May.

We will be teaming up with Loch Holland Farm to offer broiler chickens to our CSA Members as we will no longer be raising our own broilers. See below for details.

Already know what you want? Go straight to our registration page here.

2017 Winter Update & CSA Registration

A young kid in an A-frame shelter in the snow

It is midwinter on the farm.  The lengthening daylight should start greening up the pasture soon.   Between rainy days and freezing temperatures, Randy and Patrick have been assembling the new greenhouse.  Vegetable seeds for next year are ordered, delivered and sorted.  A few – cabbage, lettuce, kohlrabi and beets- have even been started in seed trays.  The crop field is mapped out and planting dates set.  A season’s worth of planning takes place in December and January.  We reflect on the season, try to tease out the good decisions from the bad and

Join Our Community Suuported Agriculture (CSA)

Registration for our 2016 CSA is now available SOLD OUT. Below is information and pricing for our 2016 CSA. Our NEW online registration form is now available here (this will open in a new window). If you prefer you can download and mail in a paper copy just click here. You can receive a 3% discount if paying by check or cash.

Surprise CSA!

Bok Choi in the hightunnel

Welcome to our 2015 CSA!  This is the beginning of our fourth year as CSA and market farmers.  We are so pleased that you all have decided to join us this season.  Our members make it possible for us to do what we love, and that is to grow the best fruits and vegetables and raise the best meats that we can.  We’ve already been working hard for the past few months to bring you a variety of tasty, naturally grown produce.  It is a great feeling to finally get harvesting!  Every week, this newsletter will bring you information about what to expect in your share, u

Riding Out a CSA with a Delay

Snow, ice and fridgid temps delay veggies

It has been a difficult winter to be a produce farmer.  Ice , snow and rain have turned fields and pastures into a swampy mucky mess.  Temperatures as much as 30 degrees below average have made it impossible to begin planting on schedule, and we are now nearly three weeks behind.  The cold weather has finally broken but with a solid week of rain.  We will not be able to begin planting until the field dries out.  UNFORTUNATELY, WE DO NOT EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO BEGIN DISTRIBUTING PRODUCE THE FIRST WEEK OF APRIL AS PLANNED.  At this point in time, we hope to start t

Weather and Delaying the Start of our CSA

Snow& ice look beautiful but delays planting

UPDATED: It looks like our first CSA delivery will be 4/15 Wed CSA and 4/18 for Sat please read the the rest of this post for more details.


First CSA of 2014

Hightunnel in the spring

There is nothing we farmers enjoy more than complaining about the weather, and this winter has not left us short on material.  We were grateful to have the high tunnel in November of last year when winter came early, and we are equally grateful to have it this spring since the cold weather decided to dig in its heals and overstay its welcome.   It has really been a doozy of a winter, folks.    The good thing about all that cold weather this winter is that we got an extended break – it was just too cold to go outside and work but perfect for drinking hot chocola

Whole diet CSA, Maybe One Day

Future Farmers?

On Friday of last week I gave a presentation on Community Supported Agriculture at the Mississippi Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association Conference in Philadelphia, Mississippi.  I talked with a group of growers and extension agents about the CSA concept of sharing the risks and rewards of the growing season between farmers and their customers and about all the different ways farmers are putting that into practice.  One of the coolest things out there is the Whole Diet CSA.  Basically customers pay a flat fee at the beginning of the year and go to the farm and pick up whate

December update and 2013 CSA Sign Up

Fractal Broccoli? Yes!

Our CSA season ended with November, and since then I have been sleeping in and lounging all day with a cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle book.  Wait, that isn’t right…As a good friend said, winter is when you really get things done on the farm.  There is a lot of planning to get ourselves ready for next year, from seed orders to marketing decisions to field maps and fertility plans – this is the season for getting it all on paper. 

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