Pertinacious Pigs and Hooligan Hens

Pertinacious Pigs and Hooligan Hens

We have been spying on the livestock.  It must be the month of misbehaving because all of our critters are up to no good.  Last week we installed a new waterer for the pigs, one that they can’t just flip over and dump out when the daytime high hits sixty and they are itching for a mud puddle.  It is a snout sized metal trough that connects with valve to a 55 gallon food grade barrel.  The pigs are supposed to press a paddle when they stick their noses in to open the valve and allow water to flow into the bowl.  All week we have been going out and pressing the paddle

Our Free Range Chickens

Someone is on the wrong side of the fence

Ever since our laying hens became experts at flying over the fence, they have been pushing the limits of free range.  Unfortunately for us, Rookie has discovered that those pretty, muzzle-sized packages the chickens keep leaving everywhere are full of gooey deliciousness.  And she has nothing better to do than snoop around all day sniffing after mice and stumbling across random eggs. 

War on Cannibalism: Mission Accomplished!

three week old chicks on pasture

As of Tuesday night I am now back to sleeping in my bed, with my husband.  It is great.  Since last Thursday, I had been sleeping with the chickens.  On the floor, in the shed, where the smell of chicken poo had been steadily increasing each night.  As you may recall, Thursday night ended with the hens and guineas in larger yet unprotected accommodations in the almost-finished shed.  We thought we had solved our cannibal problems with more space.  And we had, for exa

Chicken Chaos

Young chicks in the shed

Today was not a good day to be a chicken at Tubby Creek Farm.

The chicks are here!

little fluffballs in the brooder

THE CHICKS ARE HERE!  This morning the post office called at 7:00 am to let us know our chicks had arrived.  Randy said he could here them peeping in the background.

Our chicks are here?!?!?! After being anxious all day yesterday I was surprised to find I wasn't ready!  I ran back and forth -- plug in the brooder lights!  mix some suger water!  oh wait, I need socks! 

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