Jacob and Josephine get started on the rampThis past weekend Randy and I spent our first night in our will-be home.

Our friend Jacob graciously gave up his Sunday to follow us to Mississippi at 6 am and help us build a ramp to the trailer.  We are so grateful!  Randy and I would never have been able to finish the project in one day.  And a long and hot day it was!  Thankfully clouds kept it cool in the morning, but the afternoon sun was blazing.

Since we don't have electricity at the trailer yet, Jacob and I had to keep running back and forth from the big field every time we needed to cut a board.  That and a little bit of rain slowed us down a bit.  

By the time we finished, the sun was getting low.  I ran into town to claim the last of the hot food from Citgo and we ate dinner sitting on our porch.  The clouds cleared and the stars came out in the moonless sky.  It was blissfully dark.  We heard coyotes howling, surprisingly close, but everything sounds closer in the dark.

I still had to wrestle the mattresses in (they had been sprayed with Lysol and set out in the sun) and set up the bed in the dark.  Randy's chair battery was dead, and my battery was dead, too.

The finished rampRookie would not go into the trailer until she was convinced that we were spending the night!  She thought we were going to leave her there and go back to Memphis without her.  She kept running to the truck every time I went down the ramp.

We were only able to open half of the windows, since some had broken screens or didn't have hand cranks - so it was a bit hot in the trailer.  Of course no electricity so no fan.  That and the fact that I have never ever been more tired made me a little too miserable to bask in the glory of the first night in our new home.  The first home either of us have ever owned.  

The next morning we slept in until six.  I was surprised how well I slept.  We drank coffee looking out over fields hung with mist.  I am looking forward to many more mornings of waking up right there.


This is wonderful news.  I hope you get power soon.