Our Independence Day!

Our Independence Day!

The old adage, work smarter not harder came to mind this weekend.  We have been out there every weekend we can get away and working just has hard as we can, as long as we can despite the heat.  We have come home beaten and battered, and quit honestly, exhausted.  But why?  Those bushes will be there come cooler temperatures?  That fence over there doesn’t stop us from planting, and it doesn’t need moved right now.  It is not that the work we’ve done, didn’t need doing, it’s just that we realized we need to focus, prioritize and not kill ourselves.


So we worked AND enjoyed ourselves.  Saturday Jo did some more mowing.  We decided where the well is going in the big field, met with the well guy and should have water come mid July.  Sunday was an exciting day.  We started our day at watching the sun come up while sitting in the big field.  It was a beautiful sight, the temperature was cool and the air smelled wonderful.  In the big field we know where the well and electric are going to be installed so it was time to mark out our first four acres to be disked in.  Josephine, compass in hand, starting from where the well will be installed marched off over 400 feet we put in the first T-Post, then square to that another 400 plus feet for the next T-Post.  By the time we come back next Sunday Wayne should have this four acre square disked in and in a couple of weeks we will plant a Sorghum Sudan grass cover crop.  This we will disk in before the first frost, but will add a lot of organic matter to the soil and will be our first step to enhancing the soil.


The work doesn’t after Sunday.  There is a lot more then field work going on and that work goes on the rest of the week.  Jo has made a trip down to the health department for the waste treatment permit, (septic or treatment plant or the dilemma) and paid Holly Springs Utilities so we can get power out to the big field.  Of course we have been going over and over our planting calendar and we are already about to plant seeds for onions.  We are also ramping up our newsletter, defining how we want our CSA members to be involved with us in planning our crops and looking forward to a break from the heat when we invite everyone out.


So, focused, planned and yes indoor work to stay as cool as possible during these hot, hot days.


You guys are awsome!

I am so proud of your determination and the future of your farm.

What a wonderful way to share your life together.

I can't wait to see a picture of Randy on that tractor!

Love you guys