Campfires, hillers, and snakes: another weekend at the farm

Beautiful sunset!

This weekend we went down to the farm on Saturday afternoon after the Cooper-Young Farmers Market with the new implements for the front of the tractor.  Randy had spent the morning getting them worked over and ready to go.

When we arrived, Randy started messing with the parts, the dog ran off, and I tried to hook up the water.  Attempt #2 at hooking up the water from the meter box was slightly more successful than attempt #1, but we had one part that was the wrong size so it's still a little wonky.  I learned how to use a pipe wrench, though, so I am feeling pretty tough.

Saturday evening we had a little camp fire and cooked hotdogs and cinnamon rolls (from a canister, of course) on sticks.  Our first meal cooked on the farm.  We drank beer, watched the embers burn down, and waited - a little anxiously, I admit - for the dog to come back out of the darkness, which she did only when she heard us getting ready for bed.

Sunday was a gorgeous day.  With a little work, some liquid wrench, and many glances at the owners manual, we had the tool bars and hillers (or hippers, or whatever you want to call them) on and ready to go. 

The hillers worked great!  The beds still had to be raked out becuase of all the grass clumps.  Once we had three beds ready we hooked up the sprinkler and set to watering.

Then it started raining.  It would be much too wet to plant carrots that day.  We went inside and starting cleaning up and pulling up carpet and such.

We had these rolls of carpet, and for a while they are lying at the foot of the bed and I had to walk over them to get from one side of house to the other, and I was always paranoid about it because I thought they'd be the perfect place for snakes and other critters to hang out.

I was shoving the carpet out onto the porch when what fell out but a snake! I managed to step on it before Rany spotted it and I screamed!  Not so tough, anymore, huh?

It was small, and non-venemous, and yet to be identified. 

There you have it, the highlights from this weekend on the farm.


Oh!This snake is really scary. Thou it is not yet identified and non-venemous, when I see it's skin it really frightened me.

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