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Tubby Creek Farm is the working farm and homestead of Josephine and Randy Alexander, located in Ashland, Mississippi.  We are committed to providing superior quality fresh fruits, vegetables and pasture raised pork, goat and chicken to our local community through Community Supported Agriculture, farmers markets and chef sales.  We grow your food with love, sunshine, water and a lot of compost but no synthetic chemicals because we are devoted to the safety of our food and the health of the land.

Seeking Interns for 2016 Growing Season!

. . . Jan 15, 2016 | posted by Josephine

We are now accepting applications for full-time and part-time internships for the 2016 growing season.  Do you want to get dirty, sweaty and bone tired?  Farming isn't for everyone, but for those of us who love it, there is nothing more satisfying than turning sunlight and soil into good food.  If you want to get an education in sustainable agriculture, first hand experience on a working farm will give you real life skills and training as well as a sense of the farming lifestyle.  Prospective farmers who choose to intern over the whole season will experience how manageme

Whole Hog Roast Dinner October 17th

. . . Sep 28, 2015 | posted by Josephine
Our new tractor

Saturday, October 17th 5 PM at Tubby Creek Farm in Ashland Mississippi

Join us for this intimate farm feast. Dine alfresco with us in the orchard as the sun sets.We will be roasting one of our delicious American Guinea Hogs, and serving dishes made with our Certified Naturally Grown produce and other locally sourced ingredients.  Beer and wine are included. 

Proceeds from this event go towards buying implements for our new tractor.

Thank You Tractor Backers

. . . Aug 08, 2015 | posted by randy
Tractor Backer logo

We would like to extend a big Tubby Creek Farm THANK YOU to everyone that supported our Barnraiser campaign. We feel grateful to have people in our lives that support us and our dream.  The tractor will be a huge asset to our farm.  Our dream is to not only grow great food for our community but to make a living, too. By having a larger tractor we will be more able to expand our farm and business, make the farm more financially secure, and be able to pay ourselves a real wage.

Summer is here!

. . . Jun 13, 2015 | posted by Josephine
Our friend and neighbor helping out.

The summer solstice is fast approaching.  Siesta season at Tubby Creek Farm!  We are out the door at first light every morning, and as the days get hotter we like to take advantage of the evening hours when the sun is low.  Besides, we have to stay up until the chickens go to bed at dusk every evening so we can close up their house and keep them safe from predators.  There just aren’t enough hours between dark and dawn to get a good night’s sleep.  So we add a post-lunch nap to the schedule and sleep through the hottest part of the day.

Holy squash and zucchini!

. . . Jun 04, 2015 | posted by Josephine
Squash, zuchini and fingerlings in the walk in

Holy squash and zucchini!  There is quite bit of summer squash in the shares this week.  It is time to get it while the getting is good.  We are loading you up because we don’t know how long it will stick around!  We should have more next week but after that, who knows!  The squash bugs and fungus spread by the wet weather could take it down at any time.  We have a second succession of squash and zucchini planted but whether or not that will pan out is anybody’s guess.