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Tubby Creek Farm is the working farm and homestead of Josephine and Randy Alexander, located in Ashland, Mississippi.  We are committed to providing superior quality fresh fruits, vegetables and pasture raised pork, goat and chicken to our local community through Community Supported Agriculture, farmers markets and chef sales.  We grow your food with love, sunshine, water and a lot of compost but no synthetic chemicals because we are devoted to the safety of our food and the health of the land.

2017 Winter Update & CSA Registration

. . . Jan 18, 2017 | posted by Josephine
A young kid in an A-frame shelter in the snow

It is midwinter on the farm.  The lengthening daylight should start greening up the pasture soon.   Between rainy days and freezing temperatures, Randy and Patrick have been assembling the new greenhouse.  Vegetable seeds for next year are ordered, delivered and sorted.  A few – cabbage, lettuce, kohlrabi and beets- have even been started in seed trays.  The crop field is mapped out and planting dates set.  A season’s worth of planning takes place in December and January.  We reflect on the season, try to tease out the good decisions from the bad and

The Tops Are Where It's At

. . . May 04, 2016 | posted by Rosie_Hunt
The Tops Are Where It's At

It’s early spring and radishes and turnips are thriving right now! There was a time when I wasn’t so excited to see radishes or turnips, but now, I can admire their beautiful colors and the culinary options they offer in the kitchen. These little guys are super versatile. 

Easy Pineapple Radish Salsa

. . . Apr 17, 2016 | posted by Rosie_Hunt
Easy Pineapple Radish Salsa

This week, at my house, I’ve been practically drooling over fresh salad greens, and I am in awe of the crunchy breakfast radishes. I remember a time last year thinking I never wanted to see another radish or salad green in my life.  Now, I’m using those salad greens as chips because I missed them so much. Needless to say, I have been dying for CSA season to come back around. 

Join Our Community Suuported Agriculture (CSA)

. . . Mar 03, 2016 | posted by randy

Registration for our 2016 CSA is now available SOLD OUT. Below is information and pricing for our 2016 CSA. Our NEW online registration form is now available here (this will open in a new window). If you prefer you can download and mail in a paper copy just click here. You can receive a 3% discount if paying by check or cash.

Seeking Interns for 2016 Growing Season!

. . . Jan 15, 2016 | posted by Josephine

We are now accepting applications for full-time and part-time internships for the 2016 growing season.  Do you want to get dirty, sweaty and bone tired?  Farming isn't for everyone, but for those of us who love it, there is nothing more satisfying than turning sunlight and soil into good food.  If you want to get an education in sustainable agriculture, first hand experience on a working farm will give you real life skills and training as well as a sense of the farming lifestyle.  Prospective farmers who choose to intern over the whole season will experience how manageme